Madam Amanda's TV Slut & Maid Training


I truly believe that TV Slut's are born not created and I have made it my personal mission in life to encourage, train and develop those trait's in a man's personality I specialise in turning disapointing small dicked men into usable SLUTS MAIDS & WHORES using the subtle sensual skills of the courtesan, I believe that a slut must be trained in all aspect's of sensuality and seduction and in some cases COCK SUCKING just as the Japanese geisha is.


As it is not always possible in today's economic climate to visit your Mistress on a regular basis. I have created a long distance training programme at a cost of £30.00 per month ( payable by debit/credit card or bank transfer ) that is designed to give you the one on one relationship you need to guarantee your satisfactory development and help you to attain the inner peace and fulfilment that realising and accepting your femininity brings.


This training encompasses several Types of Feminisation.



Ladies Maid

Cock Sucker


The manuals that you will receive every month are designed to  be completely interactive and give you the structure, discipline and guidance that a skilled Courtesan/Whore must have.


We intend to train you how to talk walk dress and suck cock like a SLUT


You may be trained by email or post if you prefer. You will also receive sporadic downloads to aid in your training.

(if you do not have a discreet email address, one can be arranged for you.)


On joining Madam Amanda's Stable of Sluts you will receive:


 An auto suggestive training CD or Download.


 An enrolment certificate.

(you will receive further certificates as each stage in your development is attained)


 A 5% discount off all visits and calls.


 Each month you will receive structured and disciplined training to aid in furthering your femininity. You can request extra 1-2-1 calls and texts as training supplements ( payable by debit/credit card or bank transfer )


Telephone Madam to apply on 07966-519614