It was a cold cold night in the middle of December and it was that special time of year when jack frost (AKA The Snowman)  comes to life, this year he had been built in the front garden of a very nice bungalow by the local children. The house belonged to a very sexy  40 something curvaceous divorcee who every evening would get undressed with the curtains closed and yet on this very cold snowy night she didn't maybe she had forgotten or maybe she knew that little known secret that jack frost jerks his jizz but once a year and to Jacks delight, tonight was the night! He had watched her get out of her black soft top BMW and walk up the drive to her front door, when out of the corner of her eye she spotted Jack how delightful she said as she walked towards him, she opened her coat took the scarf from her neck and leaning forward she wrapped it around his,  this gave Jack the chance to see her up close she was gorgeous with wavey brown hair that hung over her shoulders to her full breasts he could see she had dark brown eyes, and olive skin  and she was gorgeous

"we don't want you getting cold now do we Mr snowman " she said leaning forward and kissing him on his little carrot nose.


He spent the evening watching her through through the frost covered windows she sat a glass of wine in hand watching TV and then finally she went to her bedroom, thats when the real show had started. she took off her black leather stilleto heeled shoes,then unbuckled her broad red belt that from around her tiny waist He could she had on a cream silk blouse  which once removed showed off her black lace bra.

Jack had started to wank his icey cold cock (oh yes  jack frost has a cock and a pair of big spunk filled snowballs )

she continued to  wriggle out of her tight black pencil skirt until she was left in only her  bra sheer seamed stockings and suspender belt,

Jack was getting more and more excited  his pre cum dripped as he peeped through her bedroom window

she unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the floor, she turned around revealing her full fleshy Christmas baubles to jack stroking her nipples and cupping her full tit's Jack couldn't hold back any longer and at that exact moment jacks Hard icy cock and snow balls emptied with huge spurts all over the snow covered grass she smiled walked over to the window  looked jack straight in the eye and winked.


The next morning the sun was shining and Jack Frost  had disappeared and all that was left was a small frozen icey patch of jacks jizz.