By Scarlet Scandal

December is obviously a busy time for Christmas Fairies. Someone needs to create all the glitter and lights to cover the world while also being on hand to wink from the top of any Christmas tree whenever someone was looking directly at it. It was important work and all the Fairies loved it. Gisele Marie was a bit different however. She did love the work and really loved being a Fairy. As a Fairy you had a wand to sprinkle glitter everywhere and you could wear a short sparkly silver dress which barely covered your thighs without feeling cold in the winter air, not to mention the beautiful glass slippers that tinkled and twinkled when you landed from the awesomeness of flight, not to mention that you could eat as many mince pies as you wanted without losing your figure.


Gisele Marie loved all of these things as much as any other Fairy. Where she differed was the constant niceness. She herself was nice but she wondered why she had to be so nice all the time. Everyone else was always deeply shocked whenever someone had to be put on the Naughty List but Gisele Marie often wondered just how naughty some things were. Was a tantrum really that naughty? Gisele Marie often wondered what having a tantrum was like, especially when another Fairy borrowed her shoes or her hairbrush but in the end she would smile nicely and say it was fine. Maybe that was it, the hair. Almost all of the other Fairies chose to be blonde while Gisele Marie had insisted on red.


She sighed as she left her hollow to report for her shift, passing the giggles and smiles as she went. When she arrived at Santas cabin she sat away from the other Fairies as Santa handed out assignments.


“Ah, Gisele Marie, I have a special assignment for thee. I’ve heard disturbing reports from a town far from here. It seems all things Christmas have disappeared, removing all cheer! I want you to investigate the scene, then fly back here with what you have gleaned.”


Gisele Marie felt very responsible and important as she left the cabin. With a gasp of delight she flicked her glass high heels and rose joyfully into the cold winter’s night.


She soon found the town in need. It was so dark and quiet, awfully so, for it was Christmas, but this was very sad indeed. Gisele Marie was determined to find the cause. She searched around until a clue was found, a trail of prints, not from feet but paws.


She followed them through the snow as they passed through the streets and up a nearby hill. There she found a cave so she fluttered inside. She settled quietly in a little nook from which she could see a main cave filled with presents and bows. There was a tangled mess of lights laying dull and unplugged. There were many smaller caves branching off from this central spot. Gisele Marie heard someone approaching the pile of Christmas contraband. A creature appeared in the cavern’s gloom. It was very large and had fur as green as Gisele Marie’s eyes.


She watched as the creature discarded more lights on the pile with a derisive snort. Gisele Marie knew she had to go back to tell Santa what was happening but just as she was about to take flight again a green hand clutched her tiny shapely legs.


“And just who might you be little lady?” said the creature in a gruff voice.


“Unhand me right now you monster!”


“Grinches are not monsters!”


“Then why have you stolen all this Christmas stuff from the townfolk?”


“Grinches don’t like Christmas.”


“But everyone loves Christmas!” said Gisele Marie forcefully.


“Not Grinches, it’s too bright and noisy and…”


He reached out with his other hand and took Gisele Marie’s wand with ease.


“..and glitter makes our fur all matted, as if it wasn’t bad enough with the snow.”


Gisele Marie was stunned as the Grinch carried her into the central cavern. She’d never met anyone who didn’t like Christmas. Before she knew it there were Grinches everywhere in the cave. The one holding her took her to a wall and tied her wrists with ribbons and secured the other ends to the wall.


“You want us to be monsters then we’ll show you our monstrous side!”


Suddenly Gisele Marie began to grow until she became the size of a human woman. This was Fairy magic, Fairies can grow to whatever size they need to be to help. It was very useful when needing to carry heavy things but at this moment it just confused Gisele Marie, particularly that her breasts had grown so large they were struggling to stay in her dress. She struggled to free herself but if anything, her sudden growth had made her bonds even tighter.


She heard heavy breathing behind her as the first Grinch approached. One furry hand pushed her face towards the wall while the other hand stroked her leg. Finally, with a Grinchy grunt, something enormous entered her. Now she knew why she had grown so large as she felt like she was being ripped in half and for the first time in her Fairy life she felt pain as the furry Grinch fondled her. His huge green cock sliding in and out, slowly at first but increasing in speed amd growls as he surged with pleasure. Gisele Marie was weeping as the Grinch gave a throaty roar and Gisele Marie felt like hot molten lava was coursing through her insides.


She tried to steady her breathing as he finally withdrew from her tight sweaty body, her wings wilting at his coarse touch. But it was short-lived as another Grinch approached and she felt his rock hard rod pierce her damp, abused pussy. This one was smaller than the first but still Gisele Marie felt like her body would split as the Grinch squeezed her huge tits as he lunged and lunged again. The pain was less but still she sobbed as a third tormentor approached and took his turn at violating the Fairy.


But by the time a sixth Grinch had his opportunity, something had changed. Gisele Marie no longer felt the pain, in fact she felt a heat spreading through her and she knew it was more than just the Grinch spunk inside her. This was more, it was animal, it was feral. The Grinch inside her also noticed the change. To his confusion he could feel her body pushing back, trying to take him even deeper as he continued to pound her. Gisele Marie was desperately trying to match his rhythm and feel all of him piercing her body as she began moaning with the freedom of pleasure, speeding her hips further and further to get more and more. The Grinch couldn’t sustain the pace and clumsily blew his load mid-thrust and staggered back, reeling from her sexual energy. Gisele Marie still wanted more and another Grinch plunged into her eager cunt, her wings fluttering wildly in his green fuzzy face. His ardour was also sated too quickly for Gisele Marie’s appetite so the first Grinch was ready to go once more. It seemed like hours later when Gisele Marie was left alone and she could feel the waves of ecstasy subside.


With ease she snapped the ribbons that had bound her. She turned to see the Grinches slouching and panting with exhaustion, defeated and depleted. The Fairy found her wand and inspected her reflection in the star at its tip. Feeling understandably dishevelled, she adjusted her sparkling dress until she found a tear. She smiled happily.


“Nothing a little glitter can’t fix!”


A flick of the wand sent glitter along the tear as she heard another Grinch moan with exhaustion. They could see she was glowing brighter than ever in the eerie cavern. Another sprinkle of glitter and her hair was suddenly perfect once more. She checked her reflection again, deciding she liked being human-sized, especially with these boobs. She turned to face the becalmed Grinches and stared at them firmly, her hands on her hips for emphasis.


“Now then boys, I’m going to return these Christmas items to the townspeople…”


Then she smiled confidently.


“..But I must thank you all. Now I finally understand that sometimes being very naughty is very nice!”


A flourish of the wand lit the coloured bulbs in the centre of the floor and sent them swirling around the cave and looping around the presents, picking them up into the air.


“So if you boys are NICE, you might just find yourself on MY Naughty List again!”


Gisele Marie then gave the most suggestive Fairy wink in history, turned, kicked her heels and took off out into the night sky with the town’s Christmas trailing behind brightly.